28 Mar 2023
Operations Update

SmartSat Nodes supporting industry engagement

28 Mar 2023

Spero Space used a NSW Node Mobility Grant to work with the University of Technology Sydney to develop a novel control system for their space-capable robotic arm

The SmartSat Nodes continue to act as a key mechanism to support additional engagement with Industry partners, and opportunities for generating collaborations with our Research Provider network.

More than 20 projects involving 40 partners have been funded under the SmartSat Nodes to solve valuable business and industry problems through the development of space-related products and technologies. All of these projects have strong industry partnerships and co-investments. It is pleasing to see some of the exciting outcomes from these projects and teams already planning the next phase of development and the relationships.

A novel heat management based on specially designed 3D-printed meta-material structures with optimised thermal properties and low mass.  A partnership between Mawson Rovers, Spiral Blue, University of Technology Sydney, and the University of Sydney

In addition to research projects, we’re seeing additional engagement around the Mobility programs that support the movement of researchers to industry – and vice versa. These have been a bit of a ‘slow burn’ as the network has advised us that they need some time to plan and structure; however, SmartSat is confident that there will be long term dividends paid on these investments.

Node driven and supported events also represent a valuable mechanism to bring together communities and networks for information exchange and introductions. We have already seen direct benefits from these events in the form of new collaborations and proposals being awarded funding.

We encourage our partners to consider the Nodes and the opportunities they present and we look forward to seeing more exciting outcomes like those below arising from these industry led collaborations.

Fabrication of thin, radiation-tolerant, silicon solar cells is a partnerships with Extraterrestrial Power Pty Ltd, The University of New South Wales, and NewSouth Innovations Pty Ltd, with prototypes of more radiation tolerant silicon solar cells expected as project outcomes.

Andrew Beveridge Chief Operating Officer