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Demystifying the Influencing Factors of Construction 4.0 Technology Implementation from a Sustainability Starting Point: Current Trends and Future Research Roadmap

Q. Zhang; C. Liu; W. Zhu; S. Mei


Given the challenges of innovation and adaptation to change, Construction 4.0 (C4.0) is triggering a revolution within construction and industry firms from automation to a greater level of digitalization. Despite the plethora of advantages and growing research interest in certain aspects of C4.0 technology implementation (C4.0TeIm), previous discourses have been largely fragmented and lack a comprehensive investigation of the factors influencing C4.0TeIm. To this end, this study aims to holistically investigate the influencing factors of C4.0TeIm and propose guidelines for future research directions. Informed by the United Nations twin green and digital transition perspectives, this study initiated its exploration in the background by delving into the potential intersections between C4.0 and sustainability. To achieve the aim, this study (i) reviewed 77 relevant articles and discerned a comprehensive list of factors influencing C4.0TeIm; (ii) outlined and quantified the influence and importance of the identified factors using social network analysis and validated results against the simplified analysis; and (iii) revealed gaps in the literature and proposed a research roadmap directing future research needs. The results show that 60 factors could collectively influence construction firms’ C4.0TeIm; they can be categorized into the external environment, technology competence, organizational factors, project-based factors, and technology challenges. The findings also reveal that further endeavors should emphasize those understudied factors such as “perceived overall organizational performance improvement”, “corporate strategy and management policy”, and “availability of resources”. Practically, the proposed research guidelines provide valuable references to accelerate C4.0TeIm in both academics and the business world and offer strategies for the top management of firms to maximize potential benefits and gain competitiveness.

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