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Onboard AI for Fire Smoke Detection using Hyperspectral Imagery: An Emulation for the Upcoming Kanyini Hyperscout-2 Mission

S. Lu; E. Jones; L. Zhao; Y. Sun; K. Qin; J. Liu; J. Li; P. Abeysekara; J. O'Hehir; N. Mueller; S. Oliver; S. Peters


This article presents our research in the prelaunch phase of the Kanyini mission, which aims to implement an energy-efficient, AI-based system onboard for early fire smoke detection using hyperspectral imagery. Our approach includes three key components: developing a diverse hyperspectral training dataset from VIIRS imagery, groundwork in band selection and AI model preparation, and developing an emulation system. We adapted and evaluated our previously developed lightweight convolutional neural network model, VIB_SD, to meet the computational constraints of satellite deployment. The emulation system tests various onboard AI tasks and processes. Our comprehensive experiments demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of employing onboard AI for fire smoke detection, significantly improving downlink efficiency, energy consumption, and detection speed.

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