4 Aug 2020

SmartSatCRC appears at Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements

4 Aug 2020

SmartSat Chair, Dr Peter Woodgate and CEO, Prof Andy Koronios appeared yesterday at the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements to discuss the role satellite technology could play in nationally coordinated approach to natural disasters.

“Australia relies completely on foreign-owned satellites for its earth observation and remote sensing services,” Professor Koronios said. “This is clearly a risk, particularly in an increasingly difficult environment at the moment, on several levels.  More satellite systems can offer an opportunity for Australia to develop its own capabilities in this area and have capability to control these space assets and technologies so that they meet our own emergency requirements.”

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OR – view the recording of the Royal Commission session here (view webcast – Day 27 – To access video recordings of previous public hearings, click on the  icon in the top right hand corner and select a video.)