24 Oct 2022
Media Releases

South Australia’s first satellite Kanyini booked to blast off in 2023

24 Oct 2022

A Launch Services Agreement has been announced with ISILAUNCH to send Kanyini into orbit to start its ambitious mission to help take care of people and planet. Myriota, a partner in the mission led by SmartSat CRC in collaboration with Inovor Technologies and the South Australian Government, has booked a spot for South Australia’s home-grown satellite to blast off on a SpaceX Transporter mission in 2023.

SmartSat CEO Professor Andy Koronios says, “Securing the launch with ISILAUNCH is another exciting step for the Kanyini mission which will pioneer sovereign technology which will gather real-time data and improve our bushfire preparedness, response and resilience. Other real-world applications of the data collected by Kanyini include satellite image-based smoke detection for bushfire mitigation and monitoring inland and coastal water qualities.”

ISILAUNCH director Abe Bonnema stated: “We’re grateful to have been selected by Myriota to get Kanyini in orbit to start its ambitious mission through our reliable, integrated launch
services. Building on our knowledge, expertise and our track record of more than 570 satellites successfully sent into orbit, we are keen to provide Myriota with the launch services that best fits their mission needs. Our team, which includes local representation in Australia for smooth and fast interaction with the customer, is looking forward to completing all the necessary launch activities to get Kanyini to space.”

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