Alvaro Valenzuela Quinteros

Active fire detection from satellite Earth Observation

RMIT University

Alvaro Valenzuela Quinteros is a PhD candidate in Geospatial Sciences at RMIT University, working in the development of new metrics, models, and procedures to advance the state of the art in the exploitation of satellite images. His current research is focused on the characterization of the spatial response of satellite imaging sensors with the purpose to optimize image processing algorithms for all types of remote sensing applications.

Quinteros holds a Master of Science with Distinction in Satellite Engineering from the University of Surrey and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Sciences from the University of Chile. He also holds an Electrical Engineer title with Maximum Distinction from the University of Chile where he specialised in applied electromagnetism, microwaves, and antennas. Quinteros has worked in the fields of Earth observation satellites, airborne electronic intelligence, airborne electronic warfare, and radar absorbing paints at various locations in Chile, South Africa, England, and France.

Project Title: Active fire detection from satellite Earth Observation


Alvaro Valenzuela