Uakomba Uhongora

Development of Intelligent Security Controls for Software Defined Networking-based Space Systems

University of South Australia

Uakomba Uhongora is a SmartSat PhD candidate from the University of South Australia, supervised by Professor Jill Slay. Uhongora’s PhD project focuses on space systems cyber security with a focus on the integration of SDN and space systems. She is a lecturer at the Namibia University of Science and Technology in the Faculty of Computing and Informatics. She holds a Master of Computer Science in Cyber Security degree from the Namibia University of Science and Technology. Her research interests are cyber security, deep learning, space systems and software-defined networking.

Uhongora also serves as a committee member for the National Cybersecurity Strategy and Awareness Raising Plan Development Committee for the Namibia Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. Uhongora is a recipient of the Schlumberger Foundation scholarship and the University of South Australia’s University President’s scholarship.

Project Title: Deep Learning Intrusion Detection System for Smart Satellite Networks Based on Software Defined Networking

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