Professor Christopher Fluke

Professorial Chair of Space System Data Fusion and Cognition

Professor Christopher Fluke is the Swinburne University SmartSat Professorial Chair of Space System Data Fusion and Cognition, undertaking research and development activities to help grow Australia’s Space Industry. Professor Fluke holds an academic position with Swinburne’s Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, and was the foundation Director of Swinburne’s Advanced Visualisation Laboratory (Digital Research Innovation Capability Platform).  His primary research interests are in the use of advanced visualisation (hardware and software) to accelerate discovery in data-driven contexts. A particular emphasis has been addressing the data-intensive challenges of next-generation petabyte and exabyte-scale astronomy projects. Outside of astronomy, he has applied his visualisation expertise to advances in knowledge of biomaterials and nanostructured surfaces. Professor Fluke co-leads the AstroMedical Innovation project, translating astronomy-inspired problem-solving techniques to medical research to address data-intensive challenges in public health.