Professor Russell Boyce

Research Director Program 2 – Advanced Satellite Systems, Sensors & Intelligence

Russell has over 25 years’ experience in the field of hyper sonics. He has built a reputation for developing and delivering international programs with significant scientific output and built and trained talented multi-disciplinary teams and capabilities that now assist Australia’s innovation sector, including the CRC. Russell has published over 200 journal and conference publications, with a h-index of 18. He has over $50m research funding across his career and has led the development of the commercial spin-off from UNSW Canberra Space, Skykraft Pty Ltd.

Russell will provide the role of leading the development and implementation of the vision and strategy for a national R&D program for advanced satellite systems, sensors and intelligence, to be realised through his leadership of Research Program 2 of SmartSatCRC.


Professor Boyce can be contacted at [email protected]