22 Jul 2020

World leading experts to spearhead $20m of vital space sector R&D investment by SmartSat CRC

22 Jul 2020

In a $20m investment, nine professorial Chairs have been established by SmartSat and its partner universities in artificial intelligence, optical communications and cybersecurity for the development of next generation space technologies to stimulate Australia’s economic growth in space.
Adelaide University, Swinburne University and University of South Australia are the first universities to announce three professorial chairs today. These experts will drive new frontier research in artificial intelligence for satellite systems and new space cyber security technologies.
The trio, Professors Tat-Jun Chin, Christopher Fluke and Jill Slay, will form a Research and Development advisory group to refine the SmartSat research program in priority areas for space systems research and development, and boost the translation of research for industry application. A further six professorial chairs will boost this first-of-its-kind space R&D initiative, with the
Australian National University, Sydney University, and the University of NSW also taking part in this nation-building space capability development along with future appointments from University of South Australia.

Read the full media release here.