• Conference Presentation

Interference Mitigation in LEO Constellations with Limited Radio Environment Information

F. M. Caceres; A. Al-Hourani; S. Atapattu; M. Aygur; S. Kandeepan; J. Fu; K. Wang; W. S. T. Rowe; M. Bowyer; Z. Krusevac; E. Arbon


This research paper delves into interference mitigation within Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations, particularly when operating under constraints of limited radio environment information. Leveraging cognitive capabilities facilitated by the Radio Environment Map (REM), we explore strategies to mitigate the impact of both intentional and unintentional interference using planar antenna array (PAA) beamforming techniques. We address the complexities encountered in the design of beamforming weights, a challenge exacerbated by the array size and the increasing number of directions of interest and avoidance. Furthermore, we conduct an extensive analysis of beamforming performance from various perspectives associated with limited REM information: static versus dynamic, partial versus full, and perfect versus imperfect. To substantiate our findings, we provide simulation results and offer conclusions based on the outcomes of our investigation.

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