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Cross-Sensor Transfer Learning for Fire Smoke Scene Detection Using Variable-bands Multi-spectral Satellite Imagery Aided by Spectral Patterns

L. Zhao; J. Liu; S. Peters; J. Li; N. Mueller; S. Oliver


This paper addresses the challenge of training deep learning models for fire smoke scene detection from multi-sensor, multi-spectral satellite imagery, where spectral bands vary and training data is scarce, especially for new sensors. We introduce a novel cross-sensor transfer learning approach enhanced by spectral pattern extraction, notably aided by a deep learning (DL) module called Input Amplification (IA). Our contribution includes the creation of two datasets, Landsat_smk2770 and Sentinel2_smk, with varying spectral bands. We employ a model named IA_VIB_SD which incorporates IA and is designed specifically for fire smoke scene detection. We investigated the transferability of the Landsat_smk2770-trained IA_VIB_SD model to the Sentinel2_smk dataset using various transfer learning techniques and compared the performance of the transferred model with the benchmark IA_VIB_SD model exclusively trained on pure Sentinel2_smk data. Our proposed transfer learning approach resulted in a transferred model with an average accuracy 5% higher than the benchmark model. Notably, our proposed transfer learning approach outperformed existing transfer learning methods by more than 1% in terms of the accuracy, even when trained on a mere 10% of the Sentinel2_smk dataset. This research advances fire smoke scene detection from multi-sensor, multi-spectral satellite imagery.

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