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Interference Localization and Mitigation in Synthetic Aperture Radars Using Variable Space-Frequency Filter

N. Hendy; A. Al-Hourani; T. Kraus; M. Schandri; M. Bachmann; H. M. Fayek


Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is a daunting challenge that affects the SAR sensing reliability and its image quality. To ensure that SAR remains a powerful tool for Earth observation, this paper presents an effective two-dimensional tuneable attenuation space-frequency (azimuth-range) filtration. This framework is based on key components including time-frequency features of level-0 SAR data, radar antenna pattern, and the estimated parameters of the interference signal. Additionally, a signal power localization method is applied to estimate the relative position of the interference source with 95% accuracy to facilitate applying the tuneable filter. Simulated results are obtained using a public open-source spaceborne SAR emulator, SEMUS, for generating emulated clean and contaminated SAR raw data. Furthermore, the filtration framework is successfully tested on real-life interference events on the TerraSAR-X satellite raw data.

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