Liang Zhao

Satellite image-based smoke detection for bush fire detection

University of South Australia

Liang Zhao is a current PhD student at the University of South Australia (UniSA) in the STEM section. Being enthusiastic about data science and machine learning, he completed his study for the Honour’s degree at UniSA in 2020, which applied transfer learning techniques for modelling forest yield with multi-temporal remotely sensed data.  His research was inspiring and received high praise from both his supervisors and the industrial partner.  Because of his outstanding performance for the research of his Honour’s program, he was employed as a research assistant in the Forest Research Mount Gambier project group led by UniSA and the National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (NIFPI). Focusing on forestry data solution, he delivered a comprehensive review on possible data solutions for the forestry industry and gave insights on how to decide proper options based on various scenarios. He now carries his passion in machine learning and remote sensing to his PhD study, aiming to combine these two advanced technologies to combat more complicated environmental issues in real life.

Project Title: Satellite image-based smoke detection for bush fire detection